Sunday, May 15, 2011

Joseph Michel Martelly sworn in as the 56th president of Haiti

I would like to congratulate our newest president Mr. Michel Martelly and his family as well as his party for winning the election and thus becoming the 56th president of Haiti. I am not going to wish him luck, not at all but Mr. president, I wish you success! A lot of work is awaiting you and the expectation is very high, the road is not going to be easy but, if you put God first and you are willing to work for the good of the country, he will get you through. Lean not unto your own understanding but rely on God for guidance and wisdom.

To all my fellow readers and Haitians in particular, let us pray for our president. Whether we voted for him or not, he has been elected president and let us do our duty to pray for him so that he can lead the country according to God's will! God's logic is not ours, all we have to do is to put our trust in him!

Mwen rete kwè, si nou mete Bondye devan epi nou bliye enterè pa nou, nap rive lwen! An nou kolabore ansanm menm si nou pa nan menm pati politik, menm si nou pa gen menm nivo entelktyèl, menm si nou pa gen menm relijyon oubyen nou pa manm menm legliz, yon sèl nou fèb men ansanm nou fò. An nou ini nou pou peyi a ka avanse! Nou bezwen diferan lide men an nou brase yo ansanm pou nou pran sila yo kap bon pou pèp la, pou peyi-a.

Haiti's new president, Michel Martelly, stands with his wife, Sophia, and their children 
as the Haitian national anthem is played in Port-au-Prince. (Brennan Linsley, Associated Press / May 14, 2011)
May God bless the country of Haiti and may his name forever be mentioned and may he be exalted there like never before. May this political era be one like no others in a positive way!

Once again Mr. President Success and put God first, he will help you make the right choice! It is a very big transition from being a popular Kompa singer to be elected to the supreme magistracy, from a performer to a head of State, What a big jump! You can't and will not make it on your own but only God can and will see you through if you put him first!

LLM / radio Métropole Haïti

As a reminder, this blog is not a political venue but just a way to showcase Haiti and its culture through my eyes and a way for me to say "thanks for loving Haiti" to anyone who holds this poor and yet beautiful, hospitable heart warming people and country deep into their heart.

Men anpil chay pa lou!  
Unity brings power!
L'union Fait la force!


  1. I am wondering if he is relate to the Payen family. Because he look like my dad. My father name is Frank Payen. He live the Valley of Jacmel.

  2. Wouldn't that be interesting to find about?


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