Sunday, March 7, 2010

what's the odd?

A report on the church service

You are the temple not a building but your own body and this is all the truth at Fondation Coeur pour Haiti. The church building has been badly damaged by the earthquake, part of the walls fell and there is a big crack in the building. Engineers have to decide whether it can be saved.

Fortunately this did not stop the church goers to have church! They had a makeshift tent and they gather together to praise God for even getting out of this event alive! This is the real deal here! We most of the times give so much values to material that we often forget about the basic values such as: being thankful, acknowledging someone, greeting someone, being nice and mostly being thankful. I think these people are ministering to us that through it all you always have a reason to praise and give thanks to God.

This is an area you can help as well if you are interested in doing so! Help them get back to the building or better yet help them get a new building. If you are interested please let me know and I will get you in touch with the Director.

Be blessed and enjoy the videos!

Let me finish this post with this little praise Jam session and I hope you will enjoy it. This kids were raised at Fondation Coeur pour Haiti. They are singing: "Jesus is all for me"

More videos available on youtube

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Food distribution at Fondation Coeur Pour Haiti

This is a food distribution going on at Fondation Coeur pour Haiti. They feed 250 people a day! They select churches or groups all over and make an appointment with their leaders. Each leaders give a list of people who are then provided with 50 tickets and everyone having a ticket will receive they bags of food and items. Mrs Wilcie Smoorenburg oversees this program.

Please pay a special attention to how things are done in order and how relaxed everybody is. If you are interested in helping this is a good opportunity for you to do so.

You might be wondering what are they receiving in these bags?
Well, each person get the same amount of goods and thanks to all the wonderful crew who spend hours sorting, controlling, bagging and packing the goods, everybody is able to enjoy the same amount of goods! Let's see together what does each bag/sack contains.

Monday, March 1, 2010

In their own words: Guerty Neptune

As promised, in these few days, you will be able to get the face of the earthquake through direct and exclusive testimonies of victims and survivors. Today we are starting with my cousin: Guerty Lumène NEPTUNE and here is her story in her own words.

12 janvier 2010, se yon jou moin pap jan’m bliye. D’ordinaire moin kite travail moin nan Ministere de l’Education Nationale a 3:30 nan après midi pou moin ale nan Universite de Port-au-prince (up / IGC), moin se yon etudiant en gestion des affaires  a l’IGC.

     d’oridinaire les moin rive IGC moin antre nan classe pou moin fait devoir, jou sa tout lidem pa dim antre nan classe moin ale nan dernier etage universite ya sou internet, et moin te gin cours nan 3 eme etage jou sa. Les lite 4 :56 heures  Les moin we ordianateur yo ap tombe moin kouri nan porte la pou nou ka sortie et avant 5 secondes environs kay la komanse ap efondre ak nou . les kay la fini krase te gin nou 4 etudiants moin we bo kote moin , 1er ya kouche a tea binyin an sans, 2eme nan li paka bouge ko li et 3eme nan pied li kase et moin mim , main’m kole amba yon porte moin paka rale li , les 10 minutes environs fini passé nou kriye personne pas tande , moin di map rale bra’m meme si  li rache map rale et map pale ak Bon Dieu nan la priere moin di Seigneur ou ban la vie poukisa ou pa ban moin main droite la toute , et nan rale ak ampil justesse se kom si Bon Dieu pousse main an pou moin , main an soti san li pa kase.

    Moin kouche sou vante moin we yon ti espace , moin di se ciel la moin , ginles se anle moin ye , moin rale roche ak moin goche la et se konsa tete moin sotie et moin di si tete moin soti corps ap soti tou et se konsa moin soti après moin vole , vole ampil après male tombe sou yon tete kay et moin we moun aba epi 5 gacon fem vole epi yo atrap moin et moin di yo gin 3 etudiants ki pa mouri pou yo ale cherche yo, mim moin pakon nin après eske yo ale cherche yo et se konsa moin soti vivant nan lanmo.
Pou moin mim se kay pa nan seulement ki krase se apre moin lot moun ki victim kife moin konin se tremblement de terre kite ginyin

    Et mari moin tout te gin probleme paceque nan bureau kote liteye ya tou lite krase mim li pat gin anyin , ni pitit moin tou pa gin anyin grase a l’Eternel.

Sa se temoignage moin toute moune ki poko fe lape ak Jesus map di ou , nan yon seconde soufe ou ka koupe, tout sa ou posede ka ale nan yon seconde.

Map rite nou ak psaume 34: v 7 et 19

“” l’ange de l’eternel campe autour de ceux qui le craignent et il les arrache au danger “”

‘’ le Malheur attaint souvent le juste , mais l’Eternel l’en deliver toujours””
que Dieu protege Haiti (mon pays)

                                                                                               Guerty Lumène NEPTUNE

Thank you!

I got back home on Saturday February 27th. My dear wife and kids and a cousin came to pick me up at the airport. It was so nice to see them all. I wanna thank everyone who has contributed in a way or the other to make this trip possible! Of course God deserves all the credit and then my wife for putting up with the kids while I was gone! I want to specially thank some particular people for their contribution as well and though I will not be able to mention all the names please be assure that I did not leave you on purpose and that does not mean I am not grateful towards you!

Special thanks to Ryan from the Ryans Sims Foundation for making this trip even possible and what is amazing is that I got his call even before I thought about it. I would really like to thank my father in law Reverend Donnie who did an amazing job motivating people in a short period of time and getting the message through! Thanks Mr. Sims for you love and devotion to the Haitian people! I would like to thank Mount Zinai Church for they contribution. I wanna thank also Alorica for providing me with this wonderful camcorder to shoot all these videos and pics in HD.

I know also there were many other people who helped with medicine, money, shoes, stickers and other items you are all special people and I am for ever grateful to you! I want to thank the International Cultures of Spartanburg for stepping in and most of all Mr. and Mrs. Smoorenburg of Fondation coeur pour Haiti for sheltering and feeding me throughout the whole trip.

Special thanks to these families: Copeland, Moore, Slimane, Lutton, Robinson, Dean, Robertson etc...

I hope I did not make any enemies by not mentioning names and I know you will be there again to help and I do thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

This trip was a good and very sad one! In the next posts you will sorry stories of people who have spent more than a day under the rubble and people who have experienced the earthquake and have seen buildings collapsed in front of them and even an amputee.Hopefully I will learn how to add caption to be able to translate all of them in English!

Haitians people need your help more than ever and please do not stop helping! International media might not be around but the saga remains, hunger remains, homelessness is still real and rainy as well as hurricane seasons are around the corner. Please pray and if you can help with tent do so! There is an urgent need for tents!

Have you counted your blessings?

How warm is it?

Warm temperature, ranging year-round from 70-93° F in the coastal regions, and 50-75 in the mountainous areas; rainy seasons are April-May and August-October.

Enjoy the music!

You might be going through some tough time and you feel like you can not take it anymore. Remember there is a friend who cares and his name is Jesus. He says cast all your care upon him for he caress for you. He will give you rest! The road might be treacherous, nevertheless, don't ever give up!

It is time...

Time does not stand still. So, Make the best use of it!