Thursday, January 28, 2010

Teenage Girl Saved 15 Days After Haiti Quake

9:15am UK, Thursday January 28, 2010
Andy Jack, Sky News Online

A teenage girl has been rescued from the rubble in Haiti - 15 days after the earthquake.

Darlene Etienne, 17, was found in the rubble of a house near College St Gerard school in Port-au-Prince.

She was covered with a thermal blanket and given oxygen as rescuers rushed her on a stretcher to a French-run field hospital for treatment.

She was severely dehydrated and appeared to have a leg injury.

According to rescue workers at the scene she was happy, shocked and crying.

Darlene said simply 'thank you'

"She just said 'Thank you,' she's very weak, which suggests that she's been there for 15 days," said Commander Samuel Bernes, of the rescue team.

"She was in a pocket surrounded by concrete."

Neighbours who heard a voice coming from the rubble called authorities who brought in the search and rescue team.

Rescuer Claude Fuilla walked along the dangerously crumbled roof, heard the voice and then saw a little bit of dust-covered black hair in the rubble.

He said he cleared some debris, managed to reach the young woman and could see she was alive.

The team then dug out a hole big enough to give Etienne some oxygen and water.

She had a very weak pulse, but within 45 minutes they managed to remove her, covered in dust, from what appeared to be the collapsed porch area of the home.

Etienne's family said she had just started studying when the disaster struck, trapping scores of people in the rubble of university buildings, hostels and homes.

"We thought she was dead," her cousin, Jocelyn A St Jules, said from Marche Dessalines, a town north of the capital.

The last confirmed rescue of someone trapped by the initial quake was on Saturday, 11 days later, when a man was pulled from the ruins of a hotel store.

A man rescued on Tuesday from another store was said he had been trapped in an aftershock.

More than 100 people have been found alive since the January 12 quake, but most of those were in the immediate aftermath and authorities say it is unlikely for anyone to survive more than 72 hours without water.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thanks to all!

Thanks for all your prayers
Thanks to all the countries that are right now helping Haiti
Thanks to all of the people from all over the the world who come together to bring relief to Haiti
Thanks to this kindergarteners who had a lemonade stand for Haiti
Thanks everybody for everything!
Thanks to God God! For though we are going through some tough times how faith in him is growing! Since we know that his love never ceases.

I am heartbroken and just do not know what to do! I need to cry but tears would not come out! Please God make ways for me to be able to help others suffering!

This is the cry of my heart! I just wanted to let it out!
Anmweeeeeeee!!!!! Now I feel better!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

6.1 magnitude aftershock hits Haiti

Just a few minutes ago an aftershock of magnitude 6.1 hits Haiti. Can you imagine that? Well right after that I was talking to robert one of the assistant director of Fondation coeur Pour Haiti for the french speaking and Heart For Haiti Foundation for the English speaking and Stichting Hart Voor Haiti for the Dutch speaking ones. We where chatting and then all of a sudden it writes:" Sammuel nous avons beaucoup de panique ici, je dois aller dans le village" Panic is setting up in the village I must go. Everyone now sleeps on this basket ball court at night.

As you can tell things are far from being over and the image of destruction is being played over and over in people's mind.I would encourage you to donate to this children's village (orphanage) which is where I was raised myself. One day I will talk about that more. This is one building at the village completely gone. No there were no casualties but some kids got injured.

They have substained a lot of damage, their lost the school, the church has been chunk of its wall on the ground and I am thinking that it should be raised because of security concern and the damage the whole village sustained has been estimated at 1 million euros. Please pray for the safety of all in Haiti specially the kids!

Hey they were still able to have church outside! Praise on!!!!

You can learn more about the village and how you can help with donations or even sponsoring a child by going the websites I mentioned earlier. Remember you are not going to change the situation but you can make a difference in the life of somebody!

Let us be united for a special 'cause! there will be a lot of event coming and I will let you know about them on my blog! stay tuned!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti earthquake

It has been actually a full week since we heard about the earthquake in Haiti. Unfortunately things are worse than thought. some experts now are talking about 200,000 deaths and 2 millions people directly affected. I know there are more than that who would be directly affected and I am going to explain you wh: just like a lot of people try to leave the country for a better life is the same way people living in the remote mountains come to Port-Au-Prince for a better life and they try periodically to send something to their loved ones left behind. This is the reason why Port-Au-Prince was so crowed (unfortunately there was no rule as far as building code or at least any enforcement of it). Now can you imagine since the bread winner is gone, what are the rest going to do? The land is not producing anything, no schools, no work. What are they going to do?

This is why I think that we need a long term plan for Haiti ad it's people! Because you give us food today we will be hungry tomorrow or this afternoon but if you help us to use our own natural resources efficiently, you feed us for life and I know it can be done. I think that after the first stage of this movement going on, the rescue and feeding is done and that all the cameras have left the country, experts should swarm Haiti teaching people how to use the land and how to rebuild their own country!

I am really looking forward to access the situation myself by going there and helping as well! I know that a lot of Haitians in the diaspora (living abroad) are felling bad 'cause a lot of foreigners came to the rescue of Haiti and it has not been possible for us to go! This is frustrating but you know what, take your time while you can't go and go around and get people motivated to contribute in their own way to the rescue, help and rebuilding of our Haiti Cherie.

Thanks to all the countries and national  helping Haiti! We love you all!

May the Lord bless you!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

MLk Dream week in Spartanburg, sc

I was glad to represent Haiti at the MLK dream week walk. It was a great opportunity for me to share with others how they can help Haiti and also give them a little background about the same. I was the only Haitian there and the only one with a flag! Can you spot the flag in these pictures?

The point of it is whereevere you go make sure you let people be aware that you are Haitian and are proud of your country and also you should thank them for helping you! We are in really bad shape now but it is not going to stay this way! A special thank you to all countries who are helping us a special thank you to the Obama administration for granting Haitian Temporary Protected Status and for leading this massive search and rescue mission!

Let us celebrate our differences and embrace our diversities!

USCIS Responds to Haiti Earthquake

January 15, 2010 (5:00pm EST) - 
Statement By Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano

“As part of the Department’s ongoing efforts to assist Haiti following Tuesday’s devastating earthquake, I am announcing the designation of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haitian nationals who were in the United States as of January 12, 2010. This is a disaster of historic proportions and this designation will allow eligible Haitian nationals in the United States to continue living and working in our country for the next 18 months. Providing a temporary refuge for Haitian nationals who are currently in the United States and whose personal safety would be endangered by returning to Haiti is part of this Administration’s continuing efforts to support Haiti’s recovery.

“At this moment of tragedy in Haiti it is tempting for people suffering in the aftermath of the earthquake to seek refuge elsewhere. But attempting to leave Haiti now will only bring more hardship to the Haitian people and nation. The international community has rallied to deliver relief to Haiti. Much has already arrived and much more is on its way.  The Haitians are resilient and determined and their role in addressing this crisis in their homeland will be essential to Haiti’s future.

“It is important to note that TPS will apply only to those individuals who were in the United States as of January 12, 2010. Those who attempt to travel to the United States after January 12, 2010 will not be eligible for TPS and will be repatriated.

“The Department of Homeland Security continues to extend sympathy to our Haitian neighbors and support the worldwide relief effort underway in every way we can. Four Coast Guard cutters have arrived in Haiti, in addition to a variety of Coast Guard assets that were already in the area to support military air traffic control, conduct damage assessments and rescue people in need of assistance. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) continues to work closely with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the State Department—the lead U.S. federal agencies in the response—while coordinating the deployment of state and local Urban Search and Rescue Teams from across the country to Haiti and standing by to provide food, water and other resources as requested. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has provided aircraft to support response efforts.

Haitians in the U.S. who are eligible to apply for TPS should call USCIS toll-free at (800) 375-5283.”

(Source: USCIS.GOV)

A note of sympathy to the Haitian people

If you want to leave a note for the Haitian people people to express your sympathy, please do so here. All languages are accepted and I trust you that in this dire moment I would not have to worry about censored words. We encouraged you to write in your native language and if you write in a language other than English, creole or French please translate it for us, it is not a must to do so though.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

News update!

I received some good news from my sister. One of my brother in Haiti was able to get in touch with her and everybody is on my father's side. They have all moved to leave in a country side call Thiotte which is a mountainous area away from Port-Au-Prince. So there they are able to breath easier.

I still haven't heard from any one on my mother's side. I just pray that they are fine.

I have one of my friend who has been found alive under the rumble of a school. One cousin is badly injured and I know tons of friends whose houses have collapsed.

Please keep Haiti in your prayers, it will take us as far as I am concern more than a decade to get back to our feet to be as we where days before the earthquake!

If you run a relief program and you are in need of a french/creole interpreter please email or just leave a comment on my blog!

Just a reminder that if you are looking or you want to report a missing person from the earthquake just go on  this link

Kenbe fèm pa lage! (creole for hold on tight!)

Just wondering...

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to wonder why? Why me me? Why him/her? Why us? And then there is no logical answer?

Have you ever wondered about justice? Have you ever wondered about fairness? Have you ever wondered why do you deserve this and not someone else? Have you ever wondered why are we getting so much of this unwanted attention in this unfortunate moment or why not enough attention on a particular occasion? Have you ever wondered why not me? Why not us?

Those are all the questions going through my mind right now! My faith in Christ is holding me tight and the love and support of friends family and more over complete strangers keep me going!

Let me be clear on this, I am not going crazy (at least I hope not ) but I just have been asking a lot of questions lately, been very frustrated and at the same time been very peaceful inside! This is just a feeling I just can't express properly and I hope I am making sense if not, please forgive me.

As you have noticed by now this blog is all about Haiti and my love for this beautiful country! How do you make peace with yourself when you know deep down that your fellows are dying cause they can not get a bottle of water? How do you sleep at night noticing how cozy you are in your bed while others are forced to abandon their house for fear of it collapsing on them and therefore they choose to sleep in the open street which is their safest alternative?

I know you are going to tell me don't think this way! I can't help it! At least I am letting it out and I feel a little bit relieved now more than when I wrote the very first word on this special post.

I know that God is watching over us! it could have always been worse than it is now! Lord please help me understand 'cause this is way beyond my understanding!

This is why I am so glad after all this to know that there are out there people who truly care and I am telling you: you may not have the big money to give to someone, nor the means to help him but a special sincerly, heartfell word will lift this person's up and I have had a lot of it these days!

My family, in-laws and friends have really stepped up to the plate! I am so proud of you all! Thanks for your kind words! Believe me it is making a difference thus the power of a heartfelt word.That's what keep me going!

God is good all the time and sometimes we may not not know why or how or when or why not but all we have to always remember is that he is God all by himself, he cares for us! It can't stay dark forever and he still have our back!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Earthquake updated news 2

It looks like I did not get the info from a reliable source. I mentioned on the previous blog that everybody is fine and it looks like this information is not 100% sure. The reason is because the communication is so difficult one can not really talk for too long. I know now for sure that we have not heard from one of my brother he was in Jacmel at the time of the earthquake. Now, back to game one.

This situation is a real roller coaster! I pray that everybody is fine! Now time is running out for the trapped  and I have been watching TV things are not looking good at all. I will have to stop writing now till I can have an information that is more accurate.

I have learned that some people opt to sleep on the open because of the aftershocks (which is what I would do and as a matter of fact will do when  get there) So far, it looks like all commercial flights going to Haiti have been canceled.

Please keep us in your prayers! If you are interested in making a difference make sure you give to a legitimate and trustworthy organization.


Eartquake and updated news

My friends,

I wanna thank you for all your support! It is amazing how people can come together in a situation as desperate as the one Haiti is going through! I would like to thank all the countries who are actively helping Haiti there are many of them and I do not want to miss one which would not have been fair.

I am also writting to give the latest update I have regarding my family! At ten AM my aunt told me that they are doing all fine. Of course I haven't heard from my relatives on my mother's side since communication is still a problem! Thanks for all your help and prayers for Haiti.

On behalf of the Haitian people I sincerely thank you for your help and moreover: your love!

Am I happy? yeah and no happy that my people are alright but sad that about 100,000 are reported missing or even presumed dead. Please do as much as you can and may God bless you!


Earthquake update!

Well, I barely slept last night! Went to bed at 12:30 Am and was up by 2:30 A.M. I am not complaining at all. How about my fellow Haitians who are probably crying for help on top of the rumble. Please if you have any news from Haiti specially in the Nazon, Christ-Roi and Delmas area, please let me know.

I still haven't heard from my family at all! No way to communicate with them! Pray for me so that it will be possible for me to go to Haiti to help! I am a good interpreter and would volunteer to go with any organization from the Upstate! I am planning to have some Haitian art auction in order to be able to afford a ticket to Haiti. I am praying so that my employer will allow me to go Haiti.

So if you plan to go help and you are a firefighter, a paramedic, a nurse, any medical personnel, church organization or anyone willing to help please let me know and I can give you ideas and if everything lines up with my employer, I am even willing to go to Haiti with you and interpret for you as well.

Thanks everybody for loving Haiti and remember you can leave your comments on the blog as well!

Be blessed!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

7.0 Earthquake in Haiti

For those of you who are familiar with this building, this used to be the Haitian National Palace. Now from looking at this angle at this picture, I can not tell if the whole building has collapse or just part of it but one thing we can all agree on is that the building is badly damage and would need major repair if.

I am getting more and more agitated I haven't heard from any of my siblings and aunts and uncles etc... Please dear friends let us keep on praying for Haiti. I will try to hunt for some more pics to post.

This is just unbelievable! let us keep the country in ouu prayers. If anyone has any news concerning Nazon please let me know! Nazon and Christ-Roi, we are looking for news for these areas!

To give you an idea how bad it is, we haven't had an earthquake of this magnitude in 200+ years.

Be blessed!

Earthquake 7.0 hits haiti and your thoughts

My dear friends,

I am just so sad to write this blog today! As a matter of fact at this present time as I am writing this blog, I am confused and don't even know what to think. This is why: first of all I have no way of getting direct news from Haiti except by watching the major news Media from the US. All ways of communications are cut off. I can not reach anyone. I can not even hear the online Haitian Radios emitting straight from Haiti.

So far, I have however heard all kind of stipulations! One thing I am sure of is that there is a major disaster in Haiti and that it has too be really bad! I say really bad 'cause I lived there most of life and I know about the country's population and infrastructure. I will be posting a little more as soon as I get some more info.

I heard that lots of houses have crumbled, a lot of people are crying in the dark. From what I heard from different friends is that it is a lot of confusions and fears and tears and desperation going on and to topple it off it is all dark on and I am not exaggerating. The national palace has been damaged ( I am actually hearing many reports about that) can you imagine? The National Palace is one of the strongest building in Port-Au-Prince, how about all the surrounding houses! My friends, things are just not pretty right now! Please keep on praying! Let us pray for the victims!

Please, my friends, please not only do we need your prayers in Haiti but also if you can help financially please do so. Make sure you give to a recommended legitimate organization really helping Haiti.

The Haitian people need your help right now more than ever and I know that you will not fail us! If you would like to post your sympathy for the people of Haiti, please do so here. We would greatly appreciate it. I will be up all night monitoring the situation so, your comments will be posted pretty quickly.

Thanks for everything!
With love,


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Message of the week!

God's expectation from us! 
Ce que Dieu attend de nous! 
Press the play button to listen!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Haiti has a new first lady (December 6, 2009)

Written by Jacquelines Charles

Ladies, René Préval is no longer a bachelor.

Haiti’s twice-divorced president is now married.

In a private 11 a.m. ceremony Sunday, Préval married Elisabeth Débrosse Delatour at Delatour’s home in Furcy, a suburb of Port-au-Prince.

Delatour, a widow and mother of two, was married to Leslie Delatour, the former governor of Haiti’s central bank. She also is one of Préval’s economic advisors.

About 50 close family members and friends attended the low-key nuptials. He wore a white suit, she a beige dress and hat.

Préval began his second presidential term in 2006 as a single man. This is the second time he has married while in office. During his first presidential mandate, he married Jerry Benoit at the palace, also in a low-key ceremony.

Préval, 65, who is entering the final year of his second presidential mandate, is taking a two-day honeymoon with his 47-year-old bride. He returns to work at the presidential place on Wednesday.


Friday, January 1, 2010

January 1st 1804- January 1st 2010

Can't believe it: my first blog for this year!
Yes, if you can read this post it means you have made it this far! Haiti is 206 years old! We are officially celebrating our 206th year of independence. For a country which has been independent for that long we surely have a long way to go! But you know what, it is not impossible! Many others did it so why can't we?

This past decade has been a heck of a decade for Haiti! As we are focusing on this new year let us remember to be united. It is ok to have different opinions about things but we should not fight over our opinion but instead, we should sit down together and find a way where we are able to meet each other in the middle.

If you want to go to Haiti and see a whole new side of it, just make sure you go to labadee in Cap Haitian, I think this is a big jump for the country touristic wise and I urge you to keep the momentum going! There are other places as well so if you know some more just let us know about it.

I encourage you to help Haiti as much as you can! Help somebody learn a trade or form someone to form others. Education is the key!

I am really looking forward to this new year and hope you are too.
Have a happy new year! Don't forget if you see any subject you would like to say something about just make sure you leave your comments on the blog!

Lerez ane! Happy new year!

How warm is it?

Warm temperature, ranging year-round from 70-93° F in the coastal regions, and 50-75 in the mountainous areas; rainy seasons are April-May and August-October.

Enjoy the music!

You might be going through some tough time and you feel like you can not take it anymore. Remember there is a friend who cares and his name is Jesus. He says cast all your care upon him for he caress for you. He will give you rest! The road might be treacherous, nevertheless, don't ever give up!

It is time...

Time does not stand still. So, Make the best use of it!