Wednesday, January 20, 2010

6.1 magnitude aftershock hits Haiti

Just a few minutes ago an aftershock of magnitude 6.1 hits Haiti. Can you imagine that? Well right after that I was talking to robert one of the assistant director of Fondation coeur Pour Haiti for the french speaking and Heart For Haiti Foundation for the English speaking and Stichting Hart Voor Haiti for the Dutch speaking ones. We where chatting and then all of a sudden it writes:" Sammuel nous avons beaucoup de panique ici, je dois aller dans le village" Panic is setting up in the village I must go. Everyone now sleeps on this basket ball court at night.

As you can tell things are far from being over and the image of destruction is being played over and over in people's mind.I would encourage you to donate to this children's village (orphanage) which is where I was raised myself. One day I will talk about that more. This is one building at the village completely gone. No there were no casualties but some kids got injured.

They have substained a lot of damage, their lost the school, the church has been chunk of its wall on the ground and I am thinking that it should be raised because of security concern and the damage the whole village sustained has been estimated at 1 million euros. Please pray for the safety of all in Haiti specially the kids!

Hey they were still able to have church outside! Praise on!!!!

You can learn more about the village and how you can help with donations or even sponsoring a child by going the websites I mentioned earlier. Remember you are not going to change the situation but you can make a difference in the life of somebody!

Let us be united for a special 'cause! there will be a lot of event coming and I will let you know about them on my blog! stay tuned!



  1. How do we donate to the village through PAYPAL?
    Is there a link on any of the sites?

  2. Megan,

    They do not have a pay pal account yet posted. I think they are working on it. Right now it is a direct link to their bank account which is in the USA.

    Thanks for asking and God bless!


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