Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti earthquake

It has been actually a full week since we heard about the earthquake in Haiti. Unfortunately things are worse than thought. some experts now are talking about 200,000 deaths and 2 millions people directly affected. I know there are more than that who would be directly affected and I am going to explain you wh: just like a lot of people try to leave the country for a better life is the same way people living in the remote mountains come to Port-Au-Prince for a better life and they try periodically to send something to their loved ones left behind. This is the reason why Port-Au-Prince was so crowed (unfortunately there was no rule as far as building code or at least any enforcement of it). Now can you imagine since the bread winner is gone, what are the rest going to do? The land is not producing anything, no schools, no work. What are they going to do?

This is why I think that we need a long term plan for Haiti ad it's people! Because you give us food today we will be hungry tomorrow or this afternoon but if you help us to use our own natural resources efficiently, you feed us for life and I know it can be done. I think that after the first stage of this movement going on, the rescue and feeding is done and that all the cameras have left the country, experts should swarm Haiti teaching people how to use the land and how to rebuild their own country!

I am really looking forward to access the situation myself by going there and helping as well! I know that a lot of Haitians in the diaspora (living abroad) are felling bad 'cause a lot of foreigners came to the rescue of Haiti and it has not been possible for us to go! This is frustrating but you know what, take your time while you can't go and go around and get people motivated to contribute in their own way to the rescue, help and rebuilding of our Haiti Cherie.

Thanks to all the countries and national  helping Haiti! We love you all!

May the Lord bless you!

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