Saturday, January 16, 2010

A note of sympathy to the Haitian people

If you want to leave a note for the Haitian people people to express your sympathy, please do so here. All languages are accepted and I trust you that in this dire moment I would not have to worry about censored words. We encouraged you to write in your native language and if you write in a language other than English, creole or French please translate it for us, it is not a must to do so though.


  1. Sammy, your words are beautiful and I have enjoyed reading your blog. This tragedy in Haiti has truly broken my heart, but I think it is wonderful that there are blogs like yours that can help get the word out and help people understand. My hope for this tragedy is that good can come from something as tragic as this earthquake. I hope that now, people of the world can truly understand Haiti and all of its people and how much they truly need the support of Earth's fellow inhabitants to make their country the best it can be. I hope everyone can band together and unite and that something good can come from something so awful. I hope that this was God's plan all along.

    I will continue to pray and to read this blog. Your words are beautiful and inspirational. I'm going to ask all who read this after me to please keep Haiti in your thoughts and prayers and please pray for my sister's Haitian family who live in the mountains; we have no way of knowing if they are safe or not. And please pray that my dad, a medical missionary to Haiti, is safe in his travels at the end of this month when he leaves to bring aide to the country we love so very much.

    Thank you Sammy for creating this blog and sharing it with me and this world! God bless you!!

  2. Ayisyen, nou tonbe men nou pa fini! Pa dekouraje, kenbe fè'm pa lage! Bondye pa lage-w! Hold on my people, stay strong God has not forsaken you! I love you all!

  3. thanks very much alli for your kind comment! I am glad you like the blog please pass it on to everyone!

  4. Je crois que le tremblement de terre qui a ravagé Haïti devrait nous encourager à prioriser l’amour pour Dieu et notre semblable. Tout est vanité et poursuite du vent. Ne fait rien de malhonnête pour avoir de l’argent. Noir, blanc, jaune, nous allons tous partir un jour.

    Je prends la décision d’aimer davantage : Dieu, ma famille, mon pays et tous ceux qui ont souffres d’ une manière ou d’ une autre.
    Haïti pap mouri, pa jan m lage


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