Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just wondering...

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to wonder why? Why me me? Why him/her? Why us? And then there is no logical answer?

Have you ever wondered about justice? Have you ever wondered about fairness? Have you ever wondered why do you deserve this and not someone else? Have you ever wondered why are we getting so much of this unwanted attention in this unfortunate moment or why not enough attention on a particular occasion? Have you ever wondered why not me? Why not us?

Those are all the questions going through my mind right now! My faith in Christ is holding me tight and the love and support of friends family and more over complete strangers keep me going!

Let me be clear on this, I am not going crazy (at least I hope not ) but I just have been asking a lot of questions lately, been very frustrated and at the same time been very peaceful inside! This is just a feeling I just can't express properly and I hope I am making sense if not, please forgive me.

As you have noticed by now this blog is all about Haiti and my love for this beautiful country! How do you make peace with yourself when you know deep down that your fellows are dying cause they can not get a bottle of water? How do you sleep at night noticing how cozy you are in your bed while others are forced to abandon their house for fear of it collapsing on them and therefore they choose to sleep in the open street which is their safest alternative?

I know you are going to tell me don't think this way! I can't help it! At least I am letting it out and I feel a little bit relieved now more than when I wrote the very first word on this special post.

I know that God is watching over us! it could have always been worse than it is now! Lord please help me understand 'cause this is way beyond my understanding!

This is why I am so glad after all this to know that there are out there people who truly care and I am telling you: you may not have the big money to give to someone, nor the means to help him but a special sincerly, heartfell word will lift this person's up and I have had a lot of it these days!

My family, in-laws and friends have really stepped up to the plate! I am so proud of you all! Thanks for your kind words! Believe me it is making a difference thus the power of a heartfelt word.That's what keep me going!

God is good all the time and sometimes we may not not know why or how or when or why not but all we have to always remember is that he is God all by himself, he cares for us! It can't stay dark forever and he still have our back!

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