Thursday, January 14, 2010

News update!

I received some good news from my sister. One of my brother in Haiti was able to get in touch with her and everybody is on my father's side. They have all moved to leave in a country side call Thiotte which is a mountainous area away from Port-Au-Prince. So there they are able to breath easier.

I still haven't heard from any one on my mother's side. I just pray that they are fine.

I have one of my friend who has been found alive under the rumble of a school. One cousin is badly injured and I know tons of friends whose houses have collapsed.

Please keep Haiti in your prayers, it will take us as far as I am concern more than a decade to get back to our feet to be as we where days before the earthquake!

If you run a relief program and you are in need of a french/creole interpreter please email or just leave a comment on my blog!

Just a reminder that if you are looking or you want to report a missing person from the earthquake just go on  this link

Kenbe fèm pa lage! (creole for hold on tight!)

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