Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Haitian Top 15 Finalist for Super Idol in Taiwan

Claude Marcus 06.25.2011
TAIPEI, Taiwan (defend.ht) - Out of the 5000 hopefuls who registered for the sixth edition of "Super Idol" in Taiwan, similar to American Idol in the U.S., Haitian, Claude Marcus Boereau, is among the 15 finalists to be Super Idol.

Reporting coming from Haiti Press Network (HPN) is that Boereau is a Haitian student but since entering the competition has become the darling of the Taiwanese public through this high-profile program in Asia.

"Super Idol" is a song contest that is looking for new talent in Taiwan (like American Idol). The show is broadcasted on many television channels in Taiwan and other Asian stations.

Claude Marcus is the only black participant in this competition. Aged 22, he received a scholarship in 2008 following a competition organized by the Embassy of Taiwan in Haiti.

Claude Marcus Super Idol
Boereau is a student in "International Trade". "A fellow student encouraged me to take part. She helped me fill out the form, register on the web and after a month, I was called to attend the first hearing which was held in the capital," said Claude remembering his debut in the competition.

"I always watched the show in previous years because it is very popular here, I had to take Intensive Chinese to participate. In fact, my biggest obstacle is to compete in a language that is difficult, I've learned for just one year." "More than 5,000 people were interviewed," continued Claude.

"After the three knock-out stages, 36 were selected for the sixth edition of Super Idol. Now I'm already among the 15 finalists and I'm too happy with this great result," said Claude to the Haiti Press Network.




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