Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Earthquake 7.0 hits haiti and your thoughts

My dear friends,

I am just so sad to write this blog today! As a matter of fact at this present time as I am writing this blog, I am confused and don't even know what to think. This is why: first of all I have no way of getting direct news from Haiti except by watching the major news Media from the US. All ways of communications are cut off. I can not reach anyone. I can not even hear the online Haitian Radios emitting straight from Haiti.

So far, I have however heard all kind of stipulations! One thing I am sure of is that there is a major disaster in Haiti and that it has too be really bad! I say really bad 'cause I lived there most of life and I know about the country's population and infrastructure. I will be posting a little more as soon as I get some more info.

I heard that lots of houses have crumbled, a lot of people are crying in the dark. From what I heard from different friends is that it is a lot of confusions and fears and tears and desperation going on and to topple it off it is all dark on and I am not exaggerating. The national palace has been damaged ( I am actually hearing many reports about that) can you imagine? The National Palace is one of the strongest building in Port-Au-Prince, how about all the surrounding houses! My friends, things are just not pretty right now! Please keep on praying! Let us pray for the victims!

Please, my friends, please not only do we need your prayers in Haiti but also if you can help financially please do so. Make sure you give to a recommended legitimate organization really helping Haiti.

The Haitian people need your help right now more than ever and I know that you will not fail us! If you would like to post your sympathy for the people of Haiti, please do so here. We would greatly appreciate it. I will be up all night monitoring the situation so, your comments will be posted pretty quickly.

Thanks for everything!
With love,


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