Saturday, November 8, 2008

More videos and facts about the school collapse

- As I am writing this blog the death toll is estimated at 82 according to Radio Kiskeya. Can you imagine these kids went under the rubble I guess around 12ish pm and had to wait for a a rescue team from Martinique and the USA to come to really start helping. By bringing dogs and equipment. Jamaica also came to our help! I would like to thank these countries for their help!

- Some of the kids though they had they legs crushed were able to talk to people while under the blocks and they were given waters and cookies to survive. I am talking about kids from 3 to 20 and even older. The school has 700 students. A lot of teachers are feared dead as well. Thanks USAID for their help!

- The school is called: "La promesse" which is translated in English the promise! France is sending a lot of people from his provinces.

- The school is a christian school and the owner is Pastor Fortin Augustin. The school had a casual day event. In general students in Haiti go to school wearing uniforms.

Some of the kids under the rubble were able to call their parents while being crushed and of course their cellphone went dead and these parents are now losing their minds since they do not know the state of their kids.

Please keep on praying for Haiti. If you can help, do not hesitate to do so!

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