Saturday, October 24, 2009

Haitian National Anthem singing contest!

I am looking for the best rendition of the Haitian National Anthem! All you have to do is to email us an attached video of you signing the Haitian National Anthem/la Dessalienne and we will have our readers vote on who is the best singer! Can't wait to hear from you! This contest is open to all, with no geographic limit! Please make sure you send a Youtube style video!

Map cheche yon moun ki ka chante im nasyonal la pi byen pase tout moun.  Men sa pou-w fè si ou vle patisipe: annik voye yon video ou men kap chante La Dessalinienne nan epi map metel sou blog mwen an konsa moun ap vote pou moun ki chantel pi byen an! Yon gwo kout chapo pou nou! Konkou sa-a pou tout moun nenpot kote-w ye!

Si vous êtes en mesure de chanter la Dessalinienne ou  l'hymne National d'Haiti, vous êtes invité à participer à notre concours de rendition de la Dessalinienne! Pour ce faire, vous n'avez qu'à m'envoyer par courrier électronique votre vidéo moi, lorsque cesera posté sur mon blog, le public en sera le seul juge. Cette compétion n'a pas de frontière!
Merci de votre participation!

Depending on the number of participants, the winner will be announced on January 1st which not only is the new year but also the anniversary of our independence. There is a good price for the winner. 

Also if you are interested in sponsoring this event please let me know!

Please post all your questions or comment on the blog on the comment section and I will be glad to answer all of them

Here is an example! 


  1. It's actually super sad that this quest is not already fill up with candidate - i guess this measure how low this country social and moral standards is.

  2. It has to do with me not advertising it enough considering my possibilities but since you know that you can let your friends know about it! I am pretty sure people will fill it up little by little. Thanks for your time!


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