Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chritmas in Haiti!

Chritsmas in Haiti is something else! One would think about cold weather, snow or sleet! In Haiti in most of the places it's mostly heat and sweat! To tell you the truth it gets a little cold around the moutains area but you know for someone who is used to the cold this is absolutely nothing! I don't even think it gets in the 50's I would say rather the lowest temperature  would be in the lower 60's.

Christmas in Haiti is different than industrialized countries cause people do not have that much to spend. Nevertheless it is as important as it is all over.

I remenber as little boy the only time I will be up till midnight would be on Christmas eve and new year eve. On christmas eve December 24th, we have a big celebration at church with a lot of food. I loved to do plays specially those involving eating. You get to act but by acting you are actually eating the food for real! I used to love that!  I can also remember as soon as I hear the first Christmas song on the radio by the middle of October that it is time to be as nice as one can be so that you will get a present. Sweet memories! In the neighborhood I used to live in there would be hundreds of people walking the streets, going to different church services or parties! Everyone is happy!

But unfortunately, there is this category of people who are too poor to afford any christmas gifts or parties! They stay at home praying for Santa to come to see about them if he really exists!

I find that the christmas carols are very sads cause as opposed to the USA it is not about mistletoe or elf or rudold but it is about asking Santa to do something for the country, it is about asking Santa doesn't he have a map to their house, will he bring them electricity, food or anything that we take for granted in the industrialized countries. I don't know if you've heard the Christmas shoes story, it reminds me of people who just can't celebrate as we are! Let's us once again be thankful for being able to celebrate and pray and act for those who can't! there is nothing more beautiful than making a kid smile with a gift he did not even expect!

As we are celebrating Christmas this year, let us think about these people who are just like us except that they are in an unfortunate situation! Let's do something for them, pray for them yes but do something for them them even better. If you can't do something directly, please help someone who is doing something! Let's make this Christmas more about others and less about us! Let's give without expecting anything in return which is the real meaning of Christmas for me! How much do we owe Jesus? How long would we have to pay till we pay him back for coming to earth and live amongst us sinners! We did not deserve it, but he values us and lay down his life for us! Let us do something special for another who can't afford it!

 No matter what people want to say! Jesus is the reason why we are celebrationg so let's make it more about him that anything else! Teach your kids about the story of the birth of Jesus and teach them to give and not to only receive! You will not regret it!

Do you have a special Christmas story that you would like to share! May be there is a special tradition in your family, your community or your own country, please let us know about it!

From my family to yours have a merry Christmas and remember that Jesus is the reason for the season! There can't be any Christmas without Christ!

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