Sunday, June 15, 2008

January 1st and and my cry!

I am writing this piece for my Haitians fellow so if sometimes I write in French or creole please understand it's a way to get the message through better and if you would like to know what I am saying just ask and I will be glad to translate.

January 1, 1804

January first is a new era for everybody in the Christianity faith (which started at the birth of Jesus) it is no difference for Haiti and the Haitians.

January 1, 1804 our forefathers celebrated our independence. It was a bloody battle, lost of lost life but at the end we prevailed. Now fast forward to 2008, 204 years later my people! Where are you! Sa nou fe ak peyi ya! Sa n'ap tann!! Li le pou nou leve kanpe! Pa pou nou kraze brize ou tiye men pou nou rekonsilye e rekonstwi!

C'est l'heure pour nous de savoir qu'il ne peut pas avoir du changement si on ne commence pas chez soi, avec soi-même.

It is time that we put God first and rebuke the power of darkness! We need to claim the country back!

My non-Haitian friends if you just took the time to browse through my profile and my blogs you will see how patriotic I am. As a matter of fact I just represented Haiti in a Christmas parade. I am proud of my country and always speak high of it whenever opportunities arise!

but, my heart aches for the condition of the country. Haitians are proud people and we are known all over the world to be very hospitable even though we are very poor.

For all of you living abroad please think about this day which is very important in our history and see what can you do for your country!

Our motto is Unity brings power, L'union fait la force, men anpil chay pa lou! Alors reunissons toutes nos lumières en faisceau et faisons d'Haiti ce qu'elle était toujours la perle des antilles!

Just for the emancipation of the Haitian culture: Every 1st of January Haitian all over eat squash soup as a symbol of our independence! If you want to know why squash soup I will be glad to explain and even give you the recipe!

May God bless you!

I wrote this piece in december 27 2007 and it is available on

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