Sunday, July 20, 2008

kudos to all of you!

I just want to make this post very direct and brief. A big kudos to those who, despite all they hear about Haiti are willing to go there and help!

It takes someone with a great heart to go to this country to help! May God bless you!
You might not have the opportunity to go there but in a way or the other you are sponsoring a child or family over there or supporting a missionary working over there, a big than you to you! Thanks to all of you who are writing positive stuff about Haiti!

Some of you have adopted kids from there ! Thank you!

Despite all they are a lot of good stuff happening there! The gospel is being preached full blown! People are coming in term with the Lord!

While we are here driving to olive garden after church, some have to walk miles back to their house and get on their knees praying for a miracle, praying for a dinner! It's not a game!

IF you ever think about going to Haiti make sure you visit Jacmel(South East) you will see a lot about Haiti. The land still needs to be discovered! Beautiful land but poor with a lot of illiteracy! Have you ever seen our art? Go to for a pick!

Haitians are talented people! We just need a boost! Don't give us a fish everyday 'cause we are surely come tomorrow asking you for another one but, if you teach us how to fish we will take care of ourselves and show how children's children's the trade.

Whatever you are doing in anyway positive for one single Haitian, I want to say thank you and may God bless! You are a blessing to us!

I hope you have a good Sunday!
Kenbe fèm pa lage!

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