Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bonne fête des mères! Happy mother's day!

Today is Mother's day in Haiti. This holiday is celebrated in Haiti every last Sunday of May. It is a big day in Haiti as opposed to father's day who always passed unnoticed most of the time comparing to mother's day. Well, one reason is due to most of the kids are raised and live with their moms and their father is missing in action for the most part of the children's life or if not even for all their life.

A mother in Haiti works very hard. Though a lot of them uneducated or have a low level of education, they make sure their kids get the best education. They work very hard, doing all kind of manual labors. They walked miles to go sell candies, water, cloth etc...

I have the utmost respect for mothers in general and particularly those in Haiti. They are my heroes!.

I personally did not have the opportunity to enjoy a mother as this is the case for many many kids in Haiti I know that my mom would have filled me with lots of love! Though I never remember even seeing her face or feeling her tender hands I know she would have been the person to go to when I need advice!

To all mothers in Haiti and in the world who are celebrating today happy mother's day! I just would like to write a message in creole for all Haitian mother who might come along this blog: Kenbe fèm pa lage! Mwen konnen nou travay anpil e nou pa janm vreman gen tan pou nou repoze! Mwen konnen se nou ki leve pi bonè e ki al nan kabann pi ta! Mèsi pou sakrifis nou! Mwen renmen nou tout anpil anpil! Map priye Bondye pou li ban mwen opotinite pou mwen ka ede nou!

A special Happy mother's day to my wife , my step mother, my mother-in-law and aunties and all the women who have helped me a way or the other.

You are welcome to leave a message for your mom even when you have celebrated Mother's day already! Mother's day should be everyday! We welcome as well your story about a special mom! Note: You do not need to register to post a message!



  1. i think is wonderful to be able to say what feel specially when it tauches many other hearts of those who take the love of thier love ones for granted.

  2. Mr sammuel, as you become to say in your comments a lots of mother always have a small education and the really sacrificed our lives for the kids.
    sincerely read your articles make me so hot in hart that's prove you love the Haitian mother.
    my thought for the Haitian mother's is to stay hard never discourage cause the kids may be can't be pleased them but God can.
    with Haitian mother and all the mother of the world happy holiday to and god bless you.specially my mom so do my families and relatives

  3. Why do mothers day celebrate in the last sunday in may. Is there a reason for that?

  4. Why do motrhers day always celabrate in the last sunday in may. Is there any reason for that?


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