Monday, May 11, 2009

Warning!!!! Crazy idea!!! But... You can make it happen!!!!

I need your input!

As you know in the US every year around December different people do something special for others less fortunate or for a total stranger, well... this happen actually more often than that. This year I want to be able to do something special as well! Here comes the crazy part: I have no clue how am I going to pull it off!

I am thinking about giving at least a thousand poor kids in Haiti a very special Christmas! Where they will have a nice meal and some good presents! I do not know how I am going to pull it off! I surely do not have the financial means to do it.

SO, I am asking all my readers, occasional readers and even if this is your first time reading this blog to let me know about ways I can help make this dream come true.

I was like these kids very poor but God help me through and I would like to help in this special occasion and hopefully more often!

If you are out there and have some ideas or know someone who might be able to help with fund raising ideas or somebody who can help set up a fund raising or someone who wants to provide the finance necessary for this project, please have them contact me by either responding directly to this message via the comment section or just write me via contact.

Thanks for making this wild idea a reality! Please forward this to as many people as you know! You never know! Let's make it an internet sensation where the online community can join together for a good 'cause!

Gather your church (good project for youth group), your classmates (good classroom project) your co-worker, parents etc... and let's make it happen! They are many TV shows who are looking for bad news to broadcast, encourage them to read this blog and they can as well participate in this great project (which is higher than I)

I know God will make a way! Do you want to be the one through whom he extends his miracle?

Thanks in advance! One thing I have learned about America is that if you put your mind to something the sky is the limit! I do believe this!

God bless!

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