Saturday, June 20, 2009

Feeding program in Haiti

As you know by now if you have been reading my blog (if not please browse around), I have a lot of love and projects for Haiti. This time I want to be as specific as possible and hit one target at a time. My priority is to be able to set up a feeding program in Haiti.

Why a feeding program?
Well, you wake up have your breakfast and lunch and dinner and do not even think about it? What if I tell you there are some kids/family in Haiti who have to get on their knees to wait to literally wait on the Lord just to have one meal a day. Unfortunately some others choose to steal and others just beg. Whatever the means they use it is just a problem that we should not be even talking about now! It is a reality and it is not a secret. It is all over the news, it is real. Specially after this four hurricanes we had in Haiti last year.

I was talking to a pastor who has a school and wants to start with a feeding program and he was telling how the kids come to school hungry and can not even learn and he even told me that most of them just quit coming because of hunger and if the school could have a feeding program he would also have more children coming to learn! What a combination!

SO, I am begging you, would you please help me set up this program? Do you know someone who already has one and would want to partner with me or a church who is looking for a project in Haiti to help? Please help me make a difference for the Lord knowing that we will make a difference in someone's life just as it was done in mine. Please contact me or post your comment here if you have any ideas.

Thanks for loving and helping Haiti!


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