Thursday, July 29, 2010

Do you think Wyclef can be a good president?

This past week the media has been buzzing about wyclef you just have to type in his name in a search engine and you will see what is about!
Wyclef for president?
I do not know wyclef personally but I have read a lot about him. He left Haiti at the age of nine years old with his family to leave in the US but nevertheless he has never forgotten his homeland. He went to become a very famous artist selling millions albums with fugees and went solo and sold some more.

Wyclef has always represented Haiti positively whether in other countries at the Emmy’s, Grammy’s , before the congress and all around the world. He is the pride of our country to say the least. A lot of people are afraid to let others know that they are from Haiti but he made his mission to let people know about Haiti. He has his charity Yele Haiti which his tackling several social projects in Haiti and has raised the interests of many “big shot people” about the cause of Haiti. He has poured a lot of momey toward Haiti.

He is very popular! I remember one time he was in Haiti and people began shouting Wyclef for President and there was even an alleged plot to assassin him.
Want it or not the man is well known internationally and nationally. He is a multi-millionaire!
There are many many more good things about him but I wanted to focus on this point for today! Keep in mind so far he is popular and he has a lot of money himself, he has helped the country a lot being recognized around the world wherever he goes.
Now, is that enough? I have heard people saying this is like having a rapper here who becomes president! The fact that he is popular and has enough money would that qualify him to be the president of Haiti? How about the experience in politics? Wouldn’t it be better to have someone who knows politics to manage our country?
Then again, we have had so many intellectual presiding this country in the past centuries what have they done? Of course they could speak french better that a French and would come up with the most persuasive speech but that how far it goes.
I mention about him being rich why? Well, the richer you are I think the least likely you are to be corrupted and the more focus you will be on the need of the people. Of course I know for many the richer you are the richer you wanna be. This is a tough call that needs debating!
I guess we are at a point where we need change and shouldn’t we try someone coming from a very different perspective whether it is wyclef or anyone else from the Diaspora? Yes we spent two centuries trying the same kind of people and history will prove that just a few succeeded with the country!

We are talking about change everywhere isn’t time that we talk about it and see it really in Haiti? Whatever the point of view is when he makes his announcement and when it is time to go to vote the people will decide who incarnates change! I wish Wyclef success and may God bless whoever becomes president  of Haiti because there is a bog challenge awaiting and the people of Haiti and all around the world will be watching and judging! Let the best candidate win!

I hope you can share your points with me with respects to others opinion!

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