Saturday, July 3, 2010

In their own words: Testimony of an eathquake survivor

Me: What is your name?

JSR: I am Junior Saint Rose

Me: Tell me a little bit about what happened?

J.S.R: It was January the twelve and I left my house to go to tutor some kids and since I finished with my duty I was getting ready to head back home then I heard a noise. First I thought the house was not well structured cause a part of it fail. I was on the second floor and I did not have time to make it to the stairs when the main support beam of the house fell on me with everything else. I thought I was dead since everything fell on me! The only reason I am alive today is because people from the house where I was tutoring the kids knew I did not make it and they came with some other people with hammer and stuff to extract me out.

Me: How did they know you where alive?
J.S.R: I didn't know cause I was under the rubble.

Me: Could you hear any sound?
J.S.R: No, I could not a thing and since the beam hit my arm very hard, I could not move either I stayed in one spot. I thought I was dead!

Me: Were there any people on the first floor?
J.S.R: Yes, they all had time to make it out ok. They could not come upstairs to where I was because it was all destroyed!

Me: How many people were there with you?
J.S.R: One the kids I was tutoring had a broken leg, he was running and fell and they could not do anything for me since the house collapsed on me.

Me: How long do you think you stayed under the rubble?
J.S.R: I spent the whole night! I could not hear a thing and even when they came to my rescue, I still could not hear a thing.

Me: What were you thinking while you were under the rumble?
J.S.R: Well, I was thinking about my life since I knew for sure there was no hope. I was praying God and at the same time, crying for help but no one came immediately!

Me: What kind of psychological impact does this have on you?
J.S.R: I still feel the earth trembling even when others around me do not and I am still afraid that it will happen again. I am afraid of getting under a concrete house.

Me: Thanks so very much for your time!
J.S.R: Thank you!

This exclusive interview was done on February 17, 2010. 

I had a second on camera interview with Junior and here it is:

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