Friday, August 29, 2008

Hurricane Gustav and prayer alert for Haiti

Please join me in praying for the thousands in Haiti who have been in a way or the other impacted by the devastating hurricane Gustav. I know it was not that strong of a storm but due to bad infrastructure in Haiti we can not sustain any bad weather in most part of the Country. As of August 29, 2008 I read 55 people died and an unspecified amount of money in house and cattle damage.

Please pray for the kids. This is is back to school day for the kids there and the situation is so bad for the people that the government had to postpone school for one more week. If you are praying for us please let us know by leaving us a comment. We need as much people as possible.

Pray for Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The whole Caribbean as we have all been impacted by this.


I have been able to find these pictures so take a time to see for yourself!

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