Monday, August 18, 2008

A week like none other

On august the 14 2008 I received an email from a stranger on my myspace account:
Here is the the email:

hey, there my name is ************ Pierre. My family is from Thiotte also and i was wondering if you know any body from the Pierre family in Thiotte, specially **** ****** Pierre. please get back at me, its really important to me if you have any information about that family or if you can get information about them for me.

Little did I know it was going to change my week into a memorable one, one that makes you feel better than any time... I hope you guys can feel me.

Well, of course I immediately started making phone calls, starting with my sisters and brother with no success, they were too young to know his father.

So, I called Haiti and talk to my aunt Maude who has been the most useful in this detective work. It turns out that she knew my new friend's family very well! As a matter of fact, when I first called my aunt, she was on her way to their house or just came back! She immediately started spitting names for me and tell me different stories. I might have called her 10 times a day during this week and extracted all information I could from her and then verified it with another family members.

Everything she said was true except some confusions in date! Man can you imagine the joy that filled my friend's heart when I called him and told him that "the case is closed, look no more"?

He has been spending a lot of money trackin his family! He is 25 now but he said he started eversince he was 25. 11 years of research solved in less than a week. Not that because I was good but because all the ressources where there. It turns out that his uncle is the god father of one of my aunt's children. ISn't that amazing?

This is the second time I have been able to help somebody like that. Guess what? SOmebody helped me track down my family this way as well.

SO, if you are out there and are looking for your family in Haiti, don't give up! If there is a way I can help please let me know! I might not know and might direct you to somebody who might.

One of my greatest experience was to walk 7 hours one way and back to track a family of an adopted kid. The family of this kid leaved far away in the mountains.

May be one day if I get all the resources I might dedicate myself to do more of this.

The message is: don't give ever give up hope! Sometime hope is just an email away! If you have a similar story to share or you are looking for somebody please share it with us!

May God bless and once again: Congratulations to my new Friend! You did the right thing!

God bless!!!

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