Sunday, September 28, 2008

Leave your kind thoughts for Haiti

As you all knwo by now this past September was a total disaster for Haiti. The country got hit by 4 sucessive hurricanes and thundestorms. I am reserving this particular blog as a way for you to come and leave a message for Haiti and the Haitian people all over the world. I reserve the right to deny your post if I judge it inappropriate and/or direspectful. Thanks for your participation. I have posted with a song from a movie by Tyller Perry, Diary of a mad black woman: "Father can you hear me" please enjoy. Remenber to scroll down and turn off the default music when you want t hear /view a video.

Once again thanks for your thoughts.

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How warm is it?

Warm temperature, ranging year-round from 70-93° F in the coastal regions, and 50-75 in the mountainous areas; rainy seasons are April-May and August-October.

Enjoy the music!

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