Saturday, September 13, 2008


I got this image from a Haitian tv station. It is very graphic and not suitable for children. I can not emphacize enough these images are graphics and show dead bodies. At anytime if this is too much for you please stop the video. I though about a lot before putting it up.

Thanks to all for you care in any shapes or forms, may God bless you all! Keep on praying and helping Haiti in anyways you can.

HAitians living abroad this is a message for you: Ann fè tout sa nou kapab pou nou ede peyi-a menm si nou pa ka voye lajan, gaye nouvèl! Spread the word and let everybody know about what's going on! You might not be able to help financially, just try to do something.

God bless!!!

Now, if you decide to watch these images, please understand this is the reality people are living in! You draw your own conclusion! In case you decide to help, they are numerous reputable organization in the US or all over the world that are helping and one of them is the Red Cross, make sure you verify before you donate. Sadly some people take advantage of this horrible catastrophy to scam people.

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