Thursday, December 11, 2008

Got a problem with Merry Christmas?

I find it very weird and troubling that people want to go as far in cities in the big old USA to ban the mention of Christmas and trying to replace it with holiday so therefore instead of wishing you a merry Christmas, they would rather say happy holiday! I get two words for this people: "Stop it"! Have you lost your mind? Christmas might not be the actual birthday of Jesus but it is a symbol of the birth of a savior who came to earth for the redemption of our sins. What people make of it is their business! 'Cause for some it is a time to con people! For others a time to receive present, for some it is a time to give and show off their giving but Christmas is the time to share the good news of which is the basis of Christianity. Without Christmas there would not be Easter or anything else!

The next time you hear any story about people wanting to ban the use of Christmas in schools, offices, whatsoever, just tell them for me that I said: "Stop it! Stop it and stop it!" Jesus came for us all! Let's not hate them but pray for them so that they will come to know Jesus is theirs as well and that it is time to stop rejecting him!


  1. Thank you so much for your time on this site! Thanks for you comments on my site too.

    I agree with your prayers for Haiti and her children and people. Emma


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