Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My wishes for the year 2009

We are nearing the last day of 2008 meaning by now you should be ready to enter the year 2009. I normally don't like to make wishes 'cause I always end up forgetting about them the first 10 days into it. I do however have some special wishes for Haiti and here it is:

1- I wish it rains in Haiti a moderate rain, so that the land will be prosperous and therefore everyone can grow their own food and therefore provide the nation with their surplus and therefore make money out of it thus stimulate our economy. Then we will be able to sell to other countries and therefore become prosperous.

2- I wish Haitians would get together as one, no matter their skin colors, their religion or ideologies and seat on a table to see what is good for the nation and follow through with it.

3- I wish that all Haitians living abroad keep on sending money to Haiti to stimulate the economy.

4- I wish that all Haitians around the world would get together to promote peace in Haiti, help educate the Haitians, help Haiti to go forward economically.

5- I wish that Haitians living in the US illegally would be granted a Temporary protected Status(TPS) due to all problems we have had with 4 hurricanes, plus political unrest.

TPS allows certain foreign nationals to remain temporarily in the United States when any of the following conditions exist in their home country: there is ongoing armed conflict posing a serious threat to personal safety; it is requested by a foreign state that temporarily cannot handle the return of nationals due to environmental disaster; or when extraordinary and temporary conditions in a foreign state exist that prevent aliens from returning.

Haiti has long met the requirements for TPS, and it is now more vital than ever that the United States extend this helping hand to Haiti, as it has done for other nations in similar situations.

The United States has provided $235 million in aid to Haiti in the past year. This amount is dwarfed, however, by the nearly $1 billion in remittances sent by Haitians back to Haiti, totaling approximately one third of the country's GDP. The repatriation of Haitians will only further hamper Haiti's recovery efforts.(Source Miami Herald).

This is my wish that Haitians all over the world would be granted and stay of deportations where they can work and help their family.

7- I wish that We should work so hard and so efficiently that more tourists would come to visit this wonderful land full of unexploited resources. I wish that we start helping ourselves and not wait all the time for foreign nations.

6-More than ever I wish that Haitians would turn their face to God and proclaim him the king of kings and their savior in him and him alone their would place their faith. Without God we are bound to failure! No ifs, buts and ands about it!

It is time we start getting back on our feet so much that we start helping nations who have been helping us for so many years such as the USA, Canada etc... This blog is not about politics it is about lifting up the country of Haiti! Let's join hands together and let others know that there is more to Haiti than what is portrayed in the media.

May God bless you and have a happy new year! If you have a wish please let us know about it by posting it here.

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