Saturday, April 18, 2009

Citizen of the United States of America

"Whether one traces his Americanism back three centuries to the Mayflower, or three years to the steerage, is not half so important as whether his Americanism is genuine. No matter by what various crafts we came here, we are all now in the same boat".- President Calvin Coolidge

I wanted to start the blog a little different today this is a follow up to my previous blog about two big announcements in my personal life! SO this one is the second one! Don't know what the first one is? Just a little browsing would not hurt to look for the first one!

I am so excited!!!!
As of April 17, 2009 I became an American Citizen! Woowwwwww... It was a very long journey filled with "despair", discouragement, hope, lows and highs but yesterday I hit the highest part of it and yes I am a citizen now. I am a citizen by choice, so I know how blessed I am to have this privilege and definitely do not and never will take it for granted.

I wanna thank God first, my wife and kids and all of the people who have helped me a way or the other during this process!! It was all worth it! I can't wait to go vote. If anyone is applying for citizenship besides USCIS, you can also go online participate in an immigration forum! The one I was using was visa journey and immigration portal forum Lots of ressources are available in these forums but always go to the main US Immigration website for forms and instructions to make sure of everything. Please let me know if I can be of any help since I have been through the process!

Unfortunately, a lot of born Citizens have no idea of how blessed they and they take it for granted thinking society owes them everything and they just have to sit and wait to have their heart desire fulfill! Wake-up people!!!!! Let's make the most of what we get and people will be so willing to help us out! Let us all work toward the prosperity of this nation. Keep on helping and praying for Haiti!

May God bless the USA and Haiti!

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