Saturday, April 11, 2009

My easter message

I just can't imagine not being guilty and letting people accusing me,
I can't imagine being so powerful and not call the mighty angels when threaten,
I can't imagine the lamb of God being ridiculed, spit on
cursed at, humiliated and finally put to death
for a crime he has never committed!

Then I think again, well that's why there was no on else
To take upon his shoulders the sins of humanities.
The death of Jesus was not in vain
He died for you and I and I mean you and I
No matter your political affiliation
No matter your skin color
No matter your social status
No matter your country of origin
Whether you are a believer or an atheist
Whether gay or straight
A crook or a model citizen
A new born or the oldest person living
Jesus died for all of us

The question rather is what would you make of his death for you?
How do you appreciate it?
He died so that you can live and have ever lasting life with him
He was chained so that you would never be bounded
He paid what we owe! We are free! We are free! Praise the Lord
We are free!
The question is: Jesus died for, will you live for him?

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