Monday, February 22, 2010

More report

For these past days things have been the same! Same routine doing translations from 8 to 3 something like that depending on the amount of people to see and the severity of their case.

Saturday February 20th, we went for a tour downtown. Oh my God! This is just terrible! One has to be there to see the devastation at least to absorb the magnitude of it.
I saw a lot of destructions and most of the houses still standing would not pass a test meaning they all need to be razed.

I do think that much people would need to be in therapy, to be able to talk to a mental professional otherwise in my opinion I think you will see more and more traumatized people.

The most impactful thing for me was to see the national palace! It is gone! The justice Palace is just a pile of rubble. One can imagine how many dead bodies are still under it. The city is more like a war zone; it looks like it has been bombed like in the movies. I think that in such situation one would expect to see thousands of bulldozer and trucks and tractors taking care of cleaning the debris but from what I saw at this particular day in this particular places are a lot of military people with a lot of riffle?

Let me just make it clear, I have no military training at all and therefore have no idea how things work but I think that if you come to help somebody, you want to have their trust. You are welcome to agree or disagree with me and please make sure you post your concern.

I do not see at all what is being done with all the money being raised by countries and people all over the world! What are they waiting for to help the people? It is time that something concrete is being done.

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