Monday, February 22, 2010

The earth shook again!

This morning at around 4:30 Am I heard some people running! Apparently I was in a deep sleep so, I did not hear anything till it was passed! Apparently while I was sleeping someone shook me several times to wake up because there was an aftershock, then around 30 seconds later, there was a heavier aftershock. I yet to check it officially to see what was the magnitude. I have heard on one Haitian station that it was a 4.6
Can you just imagine? People are scared, traumatized! It’s been more than a month and people are still in the street. It did rain last night and when I was touring the capital city I saw people with makeshift tent , meaning they have no mattress, they sleep on the floor!

Please help Haiti as you can! You might think that things are dying down since the media is talking less and less about it but the reality is the problem is just increasing minute by minute. I had the opportunity to play soccer with some young adults and you should see how passionate they are about it. The love it and they play it every day! This is a good way to help by sending some soccer equipment such as: soccer ball, shoes etc…

Please pray for the people of Haiti!
Be blessed!

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