Friday, February 19, 2010

The situation room

I know it’s been almost four days and you haven’t heard from me. I am sorry! Things are crazy busy here. First of all let me start by putting this four days in a nutshell.
Day one

I had to leave early to drive to the airport, I am talking about by 2:30 AM which was alright ‘cause it is not that far about an hour drive. When I got to the airport, the lines were practically empty comparing to what it is usually (I guess it has a lot to do with me getting there so early). I passed checked point with flying colors except they had to pull on the side for something suspicious that they saw in my carry one and later had to be confiscated, are you ready to know what it was? Ok It was my freshly bought shaving cream. I had already checked all my luggages so no way I could put it somewhere else so, I had to let go of my less than 1.99 purchase.
While waiting for the airplane I did meet a group of missionaries going to Cap Haitian and of course I talked to them and made sure I thank them for loving Haiti.
The plan was to fly to Miami and then to the Dominican Republic and then from there take the 6 to 7 hour drive (I am not complaining! May be a little!!!!) The flights were seamless! I slept through half of it. Man, the airlines are so stingy now, they barely feed you unless you are in first class and I leave there. There were a lot of people heading to Haiti and there were Haitians mostly but a considerable numbers of foreign volunteers. I stayed one day in the Dominican Republic and I had did not have to purchase a tourist visa (hurrrrrayyyyy). I have to say that the Dominican people are standing with us in this situation as well! I do thank you the Dominican Republic for all your help! We might have a bad past together but when tragedy strikes we are all reminded that we are just human before all and I command you for stepping up your game in a positive way.

Day two

I was in the bus station heading toward Haiti. I met this particular paramedic from Canada who was travelling with his family on a second tour of duty and we begin to talk to him and I could see his heart! He told me the worst part from him was when he was bringing people to the hospital knowing that they will not receive the care and they were many of them and he had to carry a lot of people and he says it was very frustrating to him. I asked him specifically if he has ever felt threatened and he told me that never and he says as a matter of fact people were directing traffic for him so that he could get to his destination and what even get me is when he said that: “the Haitian people is actually ministering to the world”. kudos to my brothers and sisters for that! Hold on and keep strong!

We left at 10 Am and finally got to the station in Haiti at 5 Pm as Charter indicated on their website.

Day three

I got to foundation Coeur pour Haiti and slept inside for the first night. I was instructed on the route to take should the need arise to get outside in case of an earthquake! Wowwwww… This is truly nerve racking!!!! So, this was my last night sleeping inside.

There are so many people now sleeping outside it is just unbelievable. Please keep in mind that hurricane season is in the corner and one night while I was sleeping outside with no shelter somebody walked me up and there was a lot of commotion, first I thought it was an earthquake than I realized it was just raining on us. Keep in mind that most people leaving in tent are literally either using a field or they are on the concrete, when it rains the water needs somewhere to go and not to even mention the mud and mosquitoes etc…

Heart for Haiti Foundation has set up a free clinic to help people in the neighborhood and I spent the last 2 days translating for the patients and the medical crew. A crew of six medical professional coming form the Nederlands just left the village after working there for three weeks.  They are two medical professional still on duty now. They see an average of 50 to 60 patients a day.

On Thursday, there was a food distribution for about 800 people but so many more show up that the police had to be called up to control the crowd. I would encourage you to donate to the to this mission. They are using it for the good of the people not only in the neighborhood but also all the Haitian people.

Pictures and videos coming soon!

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  1. wow sammy. keep the posts coming. very intrested in how the red cross is helping.


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